Nordista Freeze // Killer Whale

By Blo Back Gallery (other events)

Thursday, April 14 2022 7:00 PM 10:00 PM MDT

The term “road warrior” was made for Nordista Freeze. The Nashville psych-pop artist is such a prolific performer that, as of the beginning of May 2021, he boasted 516 live shows since 2016, a rate of one every three nights for almost five years. So it’s fitting that on his latest full-length, Big Sky Pipe Dream, Freeze comes as close as he ever has to capturing his live sound on tape — literally


KillerWhale's music feels like a futuristic electo-pop-funk house party. Imagine if Rick James, Tv On The Radio, Bad Brains and David Bowie, all decided to make an album together in the year 2050. You'll fully understand why this odd yet musically groundbreaking combination works, once you've heard the pop, punk and funk stylings of KillerWhale